Monday, May 22, 2006

The Phillovers

Is the Phil Selway fanclub.

The members are: Hildurutvarpshaus, Tigmoni, and Walvis


JP said...

can i join?
i'm sorry i'm not in the phil thread as much
but i love him too.

spigotblister said...

yeah, i wanna join too
i've contributed loads over the years.......days.......
and i wish him a happy birthday
you know i deserve to join

Anonymous said...

w00t for the Phillovers! He certainly deserves a fansite! From is Ateasers, truly. :)


Hildur útvarpshaus said...

Thanks, OhSJN
We're really grateful for the support we've had. Phil deserves the best and so much more. This might not be the best but we're trying our best.

J.P. and Liz, you are true phillovers at heart, I know, and of course you can join the phillovers. Everyone's a phillover if they love Phil, really.
This site is just about news and information about Phil, mainly but you can participate in the phillover work through the tread on atease.

But remember that the Phillovers sign everything anonymously so along with being a phillover comes no fame, just love.

spigotblister said...

that's why i put my name as spigotblister unstead of liz

and then you go and ruin that



i don;t think i should have written this........


Hildur útvarpshaus said...

Yeah, you kind of blew your cover by naming your blog "Spleen"