Monday, November 26, 2007

Phil dancing during webcast

Recently Radiohead did a webcast and it didn't surprise us Phillovers that after Phil did his DJ set people were talking about it around the world. Message boards, music sites and even newspapers showered him with praises.

Here's Phil dancing to Colin's set:

What price did you choose?

Recently a survey was made following the release of Radiohead's 7th LP, In Rainbows, where people shared information on how much they had payed for the album.

Here are a few examples of what people said:

£40.00 (United Kingdom)
Discbox. I've never come across a Radiohead album that i didn't like so i
don't think i'm taking much of a risk paying full whack. I think other artists
who think they've got a massive fanbase (50 cent for one) still wouldn't have
the balls to do something like this, besides it's not really about the money
with Radiohead and that's what i respect about them. I've bought many albums
this year which i regret, paying about a tenner for 3 good singles and umpteen
shoddy/rushed/lazy 'filler' tracks is a joke.

£2.50 (United States)
I payed 2.50, but I'm still undecided about getting the
discbox. If I don't, I'll pay them more. If the album's especially awesome, I'll
pay them even more. I love the concept of 'tipping' a band, being able to show
support in a more intimate way, even for a band as big as Radiohead.

£2.00 (United Kingdom)
the price they would receive through standard distribution of their record
after the appropriate deductions, plus a litte bit more (i think)

£0.00 (United Kingdom)
I'm not even sure I like Radiohead, I found OK Computer really hard going.
So I'm taking a (free) punt and seeing what it's like, either I'll become a new
fan or continue on my way.

£7.00 (United States)
pay up. this means more than just a price of a cd.

£3.00 (United Kingdom)
Seems like a fair price with low overhead of distribution. They're happy,
I'm happy, we're all happy.

£0.01 (United Kingdom)
I'm going to get the box set later in the year, so I don't feel guilty at
all paying 1p for it.

The survey has been closed now and various magazines have used its results.

For more details go to

If you didn't get a chance to participate in the survey The Phillovers would be delighted to hear how much you payed in the comments for this blog.
Thanks to Phil McKenna for the tip