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7 Worlds Collide in London photos


7 Worlds Collide Live reviewed

About Last Night wrote a nice and lengthy review of the 7 Worlds concert on August 11, 2009.

Here are the philtastic excerpts:

Phil returned to his percussion palace, but only to grab a chair and bring it towards us. Neil officially welcomed him to the front of the stage, “making his UK debut.” And in case we got worried when he disappeared from view, Neil pointed to the Argos keyboard and said he would be just there, “just so you know”. Phil sat down with an acoustic guitar and praised the “sitting down time,” then looked at the pathetic sweaty standing mass in front of him and said, “why don’t you join me?” I’m sure we wished we could.

As Phil started plucking the strings of his guitar, I saw that Neil was also playing an acoustic guitar rather than the keyboards beside him. The two played an introduction that initially reminded me of the Hunters and Collectors much covered song (including by Finns; it was written by Mark Seymour, brother of Crowded House’s Nick) Throw Your Arms Around Me. Rather than some subtle sign that it was time to add vocals, Phil just asked Neil if he were ready, and Neil replied with exaggerated gusto “oh, yeah!” They performed The Ties That Bind Us ...

As John beamed at the back of the stage, Neil asked Phil if he had another tune for us, insisting “I think you have!” Phil appeared from wherever he had been and sat centre stage with an acoustic guitar, with Neil returning to the keyboard. Phil said it was quite fun up front and he and Neil kidded that there was no going back now that Phil was getting a taste for it. It was a joke but I think most people present would encourage him to write more and provide lead vocals more often in the future, as he’s a wasted talent just tucked at the back with drums, no matter how amazing a drummer he is. [Phil doesn’t seem to have been involved in as many projects as some of his Radiohead colleagues, although he did work on the McCusker/Woomble/Drever album Before the Ruin, which is funny as he not only reminded me a bit of John McCusker, but that John played at the last gig I saw. Phil also appeared with Jarvis Cocker as a band member in a Harry Potter film (Goblet of Fire) and played his (animated) self in an old South Park episode, plus does amazing work with the Samaritans. So an all around interesting and surprisingly outgoing person.)

More mobile phone interference right when a soft song was about to begin had much of the audience grumbling “Turn it off!” but Neil just referred to Phil having offers pouring in now, and they did not let it disturb them. Phil sang a heavenly song he had written, The Witching Hour, in a wispy, beautifully delicate voice, with Neil accompanying him on electric piano. The tune was easy to love, and snippets of the lyrics were “Take me, take me out into the night”, “hold me, hold me, I am like a child” and “those I love carry me home, carry me home”. Neil joined in on some truly haunting harmonies at the end, and the song was certainly one of the many highlights of the evening. Glenn and John’s constant smiles had competition from the audience who had fallen under Phil’s bewitching spell.

7 Worlds Collide double album is available

But I'm sure you've already shown your support for Phil and Oxfam, right?

Lisa Germano Contributes To Radiohead's Phil Selways And Neil Finn Projects

Lisa Germano recently spent time in England contributing to recordings by Radiohead drummer Phil Selway's solo project.

The recording was reportedly done in Radiohead's Oxfordshire studio. Besides Lisa Selway's collaborators were - Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche and multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone, and former Soul Coughing bassist Sebastian Steinber (who also appears on Lisa's latest solo offering).

All of these musicians including Germano collaborated on Neil Finn's recent Seven Worlds Collide project, including a charity album, The Sun Came Out.

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Still holding for Solo Album

Well, it's not news to any of us Phillovers, but here's the NME's attempt at aligning themselves with the Philness.

Radiohead drummer Phil Selway to release solo album

Selway has taken his hand to singing for new effort

Radiohead drummer Phil Selway has announced that he is set to release a solo album.

Selway, who sings on the album, is currently in the process of recording the as-yet untitled record in his band's Oxfordshire studio.

He enlisted the services of Wilco members Glenn Kotche and Pat Sansone to play on the project, and multi-instrumentalist solo artist Lisa Germano and bass player Sebastian Steinberg have also contributed.

The Radiohead man debuted a solo song, 'The Family Madness', live in Auckland in January, playing guitar and singing. The show was for the 7 Worlds Collide project, which the musicians working on his album are also part of.

Selway is yet to reveal the release date - and crucially as a member of Radiohead - the method by which his solo album will come out.

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