Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Radiohead at Sziget Festival, Budapest: An encounter with Phil

On her trip to see Radiohead at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary, the lovely 27 year old Natasha tells us the story of how she met Phil :

We were walking around city all day.One of the bridges across Danube was closed for traffic and we decided to go there. There was a lot of things going on, from folk dancing to preparing food. There in the crowd i spot Phil. He was with some friends. I started shaking. My friends thought that i should aproach to him but i was to scared. So we followed them accross the bridge.When we reached the other bank, Phil noticed that im staring and gave a a big smile. My friend aproached to him and told him that i wanted to talk to him but that im to shy. He looked at me and said "awwwwwwwwwww" biggrin.gif. That was so cute. So he gave me his autograph and we talked a bit. I told him that i brought some drawings and a letter for Thom. He was all like "oh cool you can give it to me then" ----but you see im an idiot. I didnt have them on me.I have left them in the bus........im such an idiot. So i aked him will it be possible to give it to Thom after or before the gig and he said something like "Yeah,it is possible,but it does not depend on us but the organizers. If they would let you in. We would." And i said that ill try. And he said OK. So he took my hand and told me that hes glad he met me, i said the same and he went off. After that, i had the feeling that everything is just perfect. I thought that i was gonna explode from happiness.

thank you, Natasha.