Monday, October 22, 2007

the reviews are in: phil kicks ass

Finally a few critics have noticed the most important part to Radiohead.

"The synthesis is much more complete here, though, since the band road-tested these tunes on a short tour last year and drummer Phil Selway – who freakin' owns the album – operates on an utterly inhuman level throughout, bringing captivatingly erratic, "organic" accompaniment to 10 songs that give Thom Yorke's singular voice and warm instrumentation (acoustic guitars, strings, piano) played by human beings precedence over the machines."

"'Reckoner.' Tell me the last time you heard percussion recorded this well. All hail Phil Selway!"

~Ben Rayner, The Star

"Perhaps more than anything, In Rainbows succeeds at showing Selway’s talent…"

~Matthew Fiander, PopMatters