Monday, September 22, 2008

phedora phil

Many thanks to Colin for posting this phetching photo of Phil on DAS:

The phollowing were created by phellow Phillover Erik. Thanks, Erik!

Before the Ruin - Phil's tracks

The tracks the Phillovers will be listening to the most are:

6. Rest on the Rock
7. Out of Light

Thursday, September 11, 2008

jonny's photos of phil

Occasionally Jonny stops taking self-portraits long enough to capture the genius behind Radiohead.

From Jonny's waste-central profile:

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Before the Ruin

Before the Ruin is the upcoming album by Kris Drever, John McCusker and Roddy Woomble. Theywent for extra awesome points and sought the help of drummer extraordinaire, Phil. The album is out Sept 15. Not that I need to remind the Phillovers, but McCusker is the one that's producing Phil's eagerly anticipated solo album.

Track Listing:

1. Silver And Gold
2. Into The Blue
3. All Along The Way
4. Before The Ruin
5. Hope To See
6. Rest On The Rest
7. Out Of Light
8. The Poorest Company
9. Moments Last Forever
10. Stuck In Time

Alan Baillie's of review of the album:

Roddy Woomble (Idlewild) teams up here with John McCusker, a Scottish folk musician renowned for his work with Eddie Reader, Tim O’Brien and Kate Rusby. Completing the trio is contemporary musician Kris Drever who came to prominence in 2006 with the release of his debut album Black Water. As a wonderful consequence we get this quite special album.

Understanding fully the dynamics of music is quite likely what makes Drever, McCusker and Woomble capable of bringing this record together in the short time they did. It was written over the course of several afternoons then demo-ed onto a laptop before being transferred to the studio. Though there is nothing flamboyantly grandiose about the tracks on this record, and it will never be considered to be cutting edge it does have some very good songs within. ‘Into The Blue’ and ‘Moments Lost Forever’ are stunning compositions. Woomble has always been blessed with the kind of voice tailor made for these situations and indeed it is him who takes on the majority of vocal duties. And his work with Idlewild probably ensures this record will appeal to both folk and rock genres. Though make no mistake, there does exist some real depth here.

It’s a fresh, contemporary beauty and it will seep into your psyche for all the right reasons with its settling haze of floaty acoustic majesty. And if the quality of this threesome was never going to be enough they brought in a collection of talented pals to further enhance things just incase, including Donald Shaw (Capercaille), Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) and Philip Selway (Radiohead). It’s a large library of experience they borrow from, and the end result is very pleasing. Filled with soul and full of heart this is a record that will introduce the temporary trio to a much wider audience than they probably expected.

das phil