Thursday, October 16, 2008

Phil's album is phinished

This was spotted by Caristopholine, who took a break from her normal Ed-loving duties to alert the Phillovers of some great news:

From an article about the 'Before the Ruin' album, in Properganda magazine:

Phil Selway's involvement in the album is particularly fascinating. A fan of Kate Rusby, the Radiohead man met McCusker at a couple of Rusby gigs, struck up an email contact and they started hanging out. McCusker remembers with pride the night Selway came to see the John McCusker band playing at the Nettlebed Folk Club in Oxfordshire. "He joined the folk club and everything. At the end of the night he was helping to put the chairs away!" when Selway decided to make a solo album of his own songs, he asked McCusker to produce it and put a band together. "It hasn't come out yet but it's a great album. He has a gorgeous voice, not that different to Thom Yorke's voice. I don't know when it's coming out, it's difficult with all the Radiohead projects - he's deadly serious about it and doesn't want it to be the Radiohead drummer's token solo album. When we were doing this I just called him up and he was delighted to help. He loves Kris and he loves Roddy and he came up and recorded the drums in the engineer's living room. Wish I'd taken a picture"