Monday, April 23, 2007

femme_bastet draws Phil

The legendary ateaser femme_bastet drew all 5 band members, but obviously Phil's came out as most beautiful.
Due to global warming and the war in Iraq, we haven't been able to update this blog. We have now though.

After VAlthough Daniel Craig did ok as James Bond, Phil could replace him in the next Bond movie. And we can see why.

San Fransisco to Amsterdam
As best dressed member of Radiohead, Phil tries to influence the other band members. It's going in the right direction, but it's clearly not perfect yet.

There's a debate going on about this picture. Some people think it's Phil himself, but we from The Phillovers are convinced this is a wax statue that will be revealed at Madame Tuso in a couple of days.

visit sunny somerset
When Phil goes surfing, he doesn't use a surfboard. He uses a rock. Phil likes vintage.

Winter 07
People are whispering that Phil is urinating in Ed's shoe. Phil is a very tidy man and he would never do such a thing.

Studio photographs
He clearly lost some weight. He's watching/learning how to play the piano it seems.

A big fan of the congoesAfter Thom stole his drums, Phil had to settle for congoes. He's still the best looking member by far though.

Winter 07 LondonPhil is browsing through Atease, checking the Phil appreciation thread.

Ed and Phil
This is Ed, almost blocking the view on Phil.

in the room
Find Wally. (<- orders from hildur) Over your sholder...
Quatre mains: Phil and Thom