Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy 39th bithday, Phil!

On this day, May 23rd, in the lovely year of 1967, Phil selway, genius, English teacher and a musician was born.
We'd like to wish Phil a happy birthday and
we hope he can spend this day with the ones he loves and that he won't mind the late arrival of his birthday present from us Phillovers.
We congratulate him on being 39 years old and may he have many more birthdays to come!
He certainly deserves it!

Phil is fancy-fancy
and he makes us want to dancy-dancy!


Anonymous said...

i left a comment on the phil site when it was his birthday.

JP said...

Happy Birthday Phil. You're fucking amazing and I wish you all my love! To one brilliant drummer and father and proud son and friend, from JP (Transdimensional)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Phil! I hope this hard period will get over very soon...

I really love you, I met you in Ferrara the 12th July of 2003 and you were the nicest person on the planet. Your courtesy impressed me.

Keep it on!

Ronald van den Berg said...

Happy birthday Phil!

Wherever you are, i hope you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Phil!!!!!

You awesome Bloke you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Phil! Have a great day!

alon said...

Happy birthday... enjoy!

Midgiota said...

Dear Phil,

have a very happy birthday...listening to you drumming has allways make me feel good inside :D
You rock!

Memory of elephant

Anonymous said...

Phil Selway you are a classy chap!
Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Counting the days before the Berkeley show.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Phil! I hope that you'll feel better soon along with the rest of your family.

I'm really glad that you're willing to keep on touring despite this loss.

S. Mook

Anonymous said...

I love you Phil.

(posted unanonymously before)