Thursday, November 09, 2006

Phil posts on Dead Air Space again

Late tonight Phil posted these seven pictures on Dead Air Space from "the seaside and elsewhere"

Pictured above is Ed trying to find his long lost pet seahorse.

Nigel Godrich (producer) hopefully speculating the release date of ep7 with Jonny. This is no time to talk about the weather.

Jonny sitting in the studio, looking pretty.

Ed and his plant sit in studio, looking pretty as well.

Colin likes rock and water. Especially when they are together.

Phil titled this picture as "shadow of my former self". The man keeps getting slimmer. Looking good there, Phil.

Stanley, supposedly painting new artwork for Radiohead's upcoming release. It looks wonderful and reminds of the Kid A and Amnesiac landscape artwork.

1 comment:

Tigmoni said...

hey! you forgot to tell people that I thought that the guy painting was Phil and that you had to slap me!
*sticks head in a hole underground*
Phil is the greatest, besides being the best drummer, the most precise one, he's a wonderful photographer.
yay for Phil:party: